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Why Wetherby Partners?
Wetherby Partners is a boutique search firm with a powerful value proposition. Our company is founded on an unwavering commitment to help our clients attract, hire, and retain top talent. Our mission is to make this process more efficient, time and cost-effective. We have a reputation for quality, a dedication to unsurpassed performance, and adherence to the most ethical and professional standards in the search industry.

Exceptional People. The single greatest competitive advantage any company can have including ours is to attract and retain superior people. It is our people who set us apart from the competition. Our team comprises accomplished professionals and leaders from Fortune 500 companies who have unparalleled experience in the business and executive search landscape. As a trusted partner to our clients, we employ best of breed recruiting, hiring practices, resulting in unparalleled success and unrivaled client loyalty. We add tremendous value to the search process through our knowledge, experience, ethics, integrity and commitment to your success.

Trusted Partner and Consultant. We view the relationship with our clients as a long-term partnership. We work side by side with you via a consultative approach to identify and understand your business environment, industry, needs and culture. We keep you abreast of our process and progress at all times and update you regularly on the status of our search and any issues that require attention.

No-Stone-Unturned Approach. Wetherby Partners research, sourcing and networking talents are second to none. We operate on the knowledge that the most qualified professionals are typically not looking at advertisements or posting their resumes to Internet based recruiting sites. They are successfully exceeding expectations and goals in a competitive company or a competitive environment. We aggressively research, target and source the market via networking, referrals, and cold calling to locate people of exceptional ability. We also maintain a large and active network and database of mid-to-senior and executive level relationships that allows us to effectively identify potential candidates and networking contacts quickly and easily. Once we have identified qualified professionals, we gain a thorough understanding of their professional skill set, background, accomplishments, motivation, and understand how to represent and communicate your business and value proposition to them.

Commitment to Superior Results. Clients rely on us to get results. We possess the focus and agility to place qualified people quickly and efficiently without ever compromising quality. We are extremely aggressive, committed in our efforts and hold ourselves fully accountable to bring about your search to a successful conclusion. The talented professionals we place demonstrate an unrivaled standard of professionalism, success and performance - a testament to the thoroughness of our search and diligence of our screening process.

Discretion. Wetherby Partners provides professional search services that may be impractical, cost prohibitive or inappropriate for you to perform for yourself. Our consultants aggressively source the marketplace and pursue talent within industry competitors or within a competitive environment. Many of our client's human capital needs and our candidates information are highly sensitive and confidential. Wetherby Partners can be trusted to treat this information with the utmost discretion, sensitivity and confidentiality.

National and Global Reach. We are a boutique firm with the experience and capability to conduct searches for a multitude of positions at a regional, national and global level. Wetherby Partners fosters strategic alliances with numerous companies, search firms, industries and associations nationwide and worldwide. This enables us to bring the resources, contacts and knowledge of many professionals to bear on a client's open position. This also gives us a unique ability to react to changing market opportunities with speed and effectiveness. Our consultants fluency in multiple languages, diverse cultures, business customs, and experience living and working internationally easily lends itself to companies looking to expand their global presence.

Boutique Firm, Big Results. Many large search firms boast about their size. However, size can often work against a client and inhibit efforts for a search firm to ethically recruit from industry competitors that are numbered among their client base. By remaining a boutique firm we remain nimble and agile by design. What is more, the bureaucracy, procedural issues and high overheads that plague larger firms do not encumber us. We are aggressive and prepared to react to, and address your needs swiftly, efficiently and cost-effectively. We dedicate ourselves to keeping our costs and overhead to a minimum. We are committed instead to passing cost savings to our clients in the form of valuable professional services at more than competitive pricing structures without compromising quality.

We Stand Behind our Work We guarantee success by holding full accountability for our services. Wetherby Partners provides a guarantee on all of our placements.
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